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Juicyfields is crowdgrowing made in Germany. You can start already with small money. JuicyFields cooperates with numerous international medical cannabis plantations and supports them in financing, expansion and distribution. Private e-growers can benefit from the extremely high profit margins in the industry through the unique crowdgrowing concept and help JuicyFields support a global cannabis brand.

How does JuicyFields work? JuicyFields connects people with medical cannabis businesses seeking funding. This is done through the representative buying and selling of plants on the crowdgrowing platform by e-growers, including individuals like DU. The plantations grow plants in the total amount purchased by all e-growers. This way you can easily and legally make profits from selling EVERY crop while supporting this industry.

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Juicy Fields Facts

Juicy Fields - geman GmbH

JuicyFields is backed by a legally established German GmbH. Juicy Grow Gmbh aka JuicyFields was officially incorporated on 2019-11-06 by the Amtgericht Charlottenburg. The first day of the JuicyFields.io platform was on 22.03.2020!

Juicy Grow GmbH Office address
Potsdamer Straße 147, 10783 Berlin

The business model is compliant with German legislation. A german Bundesbank audit was also successful.

the Team of Juicy Fields

Alan Glanse - CEO
"I don't smoke cannabis - I am cannabis".

Daniel Gauci - Chief Business Development Officer Daniel has experience in cultivation and extraction in different cultures

Legal owner: Viktor Bitner
executive director to be executed: Alan Glanse

Juicy Fields Partner

JuicyFields cooperates with numerous international medical cannabis plantations and supports them in financing, expansion and distribution.
SABORES PURPURA: An EU GMP-approved producer from Portugal specializing in the luxury segment of medical products.

KANNABYTE: A Colombia-based company located near Medellin and has all the rights to export cannabis-infused oils.

DUTCH PHARMACEUTICAL: with a 37,986-square-meter farm in the canton of San Carlos, located in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica, will begin cultivating our most popular JuicyFlash category in May 2021.

TERRA CANN COLUMBIA: is a private farm that has been in existence for 40 years with an impressive 62,000 square meters of land. TERRA CANN COLOMBIA's Co-Founder & CEO - Licet Osorio - joined the Juicy team as Chief Communication Officer.

Echtes, passives Einkommen oder Vermögensaufbau mit Juicy Fields

Buy plants and become an e-grower. For this purpose, Juicy Fields offers you different participation options. From the simple Juicy Flash to the Juicy Haze, each plant has its own advantages. Whether one-time harvest or regular harvests up to 5 years with only one investment. There is a suitable plant for everyone.

Juicy Fields is a mega cool opportunity for small investors to invest in a young start-up company. And with the best conditions. Over 100 percent return p.a. with Juicy Fields? Sounds almost too good to be true. Juicy Fields, proves month after month that a return of 35% - 66%, within 109 days, is absolutely feasible.

And the best, join and profit is even possible from 50 euros. Juicy Fields offers us 4 different plants (medical cannabis with high TBC content, over 12%) with different lifespan and yield. More about this below: Juicy Fields plants.

Juicy Fields Pflanzen

Juicy Flash – der kleine Einstieg

  • Growth phase – 108 days
  • Renewal of the plant – NO
  • Harvest – 45 to 55 grams
  •  Selling price – 1.50 euro/gram
  • Revenue (per harvest) – 68 Euro to 83 Euro
  • Price (for one plant) – 50 Euro
  • Total profit – 17.50 Euro to 32.50 Euro

Juicy Mist – the Medium yield

  • Harvests per year – 4
  • Renewal of the plant – every 3 years
  • per harvest – 150 to 200 grams
  • Selling price – 2.00 euro/gram
  • Profitability (per harvest) – 300 Euro to 400 Euro
  • Price (for one plant) – 2.000 Euro
  • Profit total: 3.600 Euro – 4.800 Euro

Juicy Kush – the High Yield

  • Harvests per year – 3
  • Renewal of the plant – every 4 years
  • per harvest – 200 to 300 grams
  • Selling price – 2.50 euro/gram
  • Profitability (per harvest) – 500 Euro to 750 Euro
  • Price (for one plant) – 2.000 Euro
  • Profit total: 6.000 Euro – 9.000 Euro

Juicy Haze – the Ultra yield

  • Harvests per year – 2
  • Renewal of the plant – every 5 years
  • per harvest – 300 to 400 grams
  • Selling price – 3.00 euro/gram
  • Profitability (per harvest) – 900 Euro to 1.200 Euro
  • Price (for one plant) – 2.000 Euro
  • Profit total: 9.000 Euro – 12.000 Euro

Juicy Fields - Your advantages

Click here to download the E-Book "Green Paper"

Read all about JuicyFields in the e-book „Green Paper

– An efficient business model for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis
– High quality medical cannabis products for cultivation
– High demand in export markets
– An existing network of licensed cultivation partnerships and affiliates
– Lower costs to get started (starting at 50.-€)
– A profit with each harvest, multiple harvests per year are guaranteed
– No need to raise capital
– Earn a passive income with one cannabis plant

Frequently Asked Questions & Juicy Fields Answers

The beginnings already go back to 2012, but only in 2017 we started to expand to Europe. We started business in Spain, but we face big hurdles to build our business model as planned. There was a lot to research and learn about cannabis, marketing, legal aspects, international trade agreements, etc. before we could build a platform.

The JuicyFields team is expanding in 2019 with the arrival of experienced growers and engineers. That was the moment we brought our idea to life and created a platform to help people grow medical cannabis and realize their business dreams. us so Nowadays, our team consists of both seasoned professionals (more than 25 years of experience in cannabis cultivation) and beginner talent. Juicyfields went live in early 2020

YES, Juicy Fields is completely legal. All cultivation and processing partners are fully licensed to grow and process medical cannabis in their countries. The UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands already have med cannabis friendly legislation. France and Spain are currently introducing legislation to this effect. JuicyFields is focused on seizing this opportunity to help shape change in Europe and build a strong brand.

Banks in Europe are reluctant to lend to companies in the cannabis industry. Bureaucracy within the European Union makes it extremely difficult to obtain a cultivation license in many EU countries. Licenses are extremely expensive and not affordable for new plantations. Banks do not grant loans and the solution of the regular business model „crowdgrowing“ can be used perfectly here. In developing countries in Africa and Latin America this problem is many times bigger, so crowdgrowing is the only way of financing.

An even more important reason for JuicyFields is to build a strong community and allow anyone who wants to, to enter and participate in this lucrative business.

Our partners Sabores Purpura and Abis Inc. are insured against all damages, except for „natural disasters“. In the event of a natural disaster, deposits are not covered. Our partners are insured against all losses. For the risks, we keep 1% of the profits for natural disasters and immediate actions.

JuicyGrow GmbH is the company registered in the Commercial Register with Managing Director Viktor Bitner. Their business field is „Hydroponic Grow Shop, Containers and Equipment“ according to the site. The main activity is the supply of components and the production of a certified modular agro-industrial complex for the cultivation of medical cannabis with Euro GMP certification. With regard to the modular complex, JuicyGrow is in the process of preparing and registering patent documents.

JuicyFields is a business unit within the limited liability company, an online StartUp, a brand owned by JuicyGrow. This operated exclusively as a crowdgrowing platform under CEO Alan Glanse. Crowdgrowing is the collaborative cultivation where we (JuicyFields) provide the services. E-growers do buy the clones on the JuicyFields platform, but the money goes to JuicyGrow for JuicyFields purposes.

1) We choose reliable, professional growers with a lot of experience who can reliably guarantee high yields.

2) We cut our own clones to reduce the risk of losing a grower’s clone during the rooting process.

3) We increase the number of productions to meet the growing demand for clones, which also insures us against crop failure.

4) We cover the risk of the plants with a supply of clones on demand. If something happens to the plant, it will be replaced by a similar one.

The most serious risks for growers would be massive adverse changes in the cannabis market, which would limit our business to the cannabis market. If serious things happen, such as the entire cannabis market falling for legalization or legislative reasons, this could have an impact on the plants.

We want to launch more than 20 partner projects and increase the total value of our platform’s projects from 50 million to 150 million euros. We also want to become the number one supplier of high-quality THC and CBD vapes in the world.

The goal of our project is to create a global brand for the production of medical cannabis products (vapes and oils).

Risk note: The information on this website is NOT investment advice! Please keep in mind that high profits are always associated with high risk, and a total loss can therefore never be completely ruled out. Every cannabis production and distribution is associated with risks. Therefore: Never enter a business with money, whose loss would not be bearable!

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