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Now you can also earn on the market of the future!

The canabis market is the market of the future. According to Juicy Fields‘ Greenpaper, the global cannabis market will be worth $103.9 billion (€93.4 billion) in 2024. By comparison, in 2017, the total value of the cannabis industry was only $7.7 billion (€6.92 billion). And you can easily participate in that as an e-grower at Juicyfields. How do you do it? Take a look at the video on the right.

About: Crowdgrowing

This is how it works:

The proof:

We have received our first harvest and have already paid out. On August 20, we invested 1,050 euros and 21 plants were planted for us. And yesterday, on 6 decemeber, we got the payout. 1.486.- Euro. I think for 110 days not a bad return, right?

Bank confirmation:

Bank confirmation (in Leva it is a Bulgarian bank)

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Risk note: The information on this website is NOT investment advice! Please keep in mind that high profits are always associated with high risk, and a total loss can therefore never be completely ruled out. Every cannabis production and distribution is associated with risks. Therefore: Never enter a business with money, whose loss would not be bearable!

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